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Snowy River Damask Fabric - Small Piece - Black on White

$9.00 / Coming Soon

100% cotton fabric, professionally printed with my snowy river damask design in black on a white background.

The Snowy River, is a river flowing through eastern Australia, starting at Australia's tallest mountain, Kosciuszko and flowing through the Snowy mountains. I included in this design, many of the native plants and animals of the area, such as alpine ask, powerful owl, quoll, lyrebird, and peregrine falcon. The Snowy Mountains are also home to a population of wild horses, which were the subject of one of Australia's most famous poems, The man from Snowy river.

This listing is for a rectangle of fabric, measuring approximately 51x43cm (20x17")
To get an idea of the size of the print, the horses measure approximately 5x5cm (2x2") and the quolls 3.5x1.5cm (1.5x0.6")

The fabric is digitally printed. It is quilting weight, just over 4 ounces per yard (125 grams) and is perfect for quilting and sewing projects. Machine wash warm or cool using phosphate-free detergent on gentle cycle.