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Geurilla Garden Love - Postcard Set for Gardeners and Garden Lovers


A set of 6 postcards.
Each postcard measures 10.2x15cm (4x5.9")

I was inspired to create this set of postcards while taking walks around my neighbourhood. A well kept garden is a beautiful thing, and makes your street, and your city, and your world a more beautiful place. Inspired by guerrilla gardeners, I thought to create a card that could be dropped in a letterbox anonymously, or posted to someone you know, that would thank them for their great work in our cities!

I have 6 different designs, It is a Pleasure to Pass by your Garden, Yours are the most Beautiful Flowers in the Street, Your Roses are the Loveliest, Thank you for your Lovely Garden, Well Done Green Thumb, and May all your Weeds be Wildflowers, and you will receive one of each.

The cards are professionally printed here in Greece on kraft card.