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Hello Greece Pairs Game


Hello Greece Pairs Game

This set features images of awesome Greek stuff. There are 50 cards, two each of 25 different designs.
The cards measure 5.5x8.4cm (2.2x3.25") and are professionally printed on 100% recycled cardstock, high in post consumer paper.

Written on each card is the name/title of each design in both English and Greek, so those learning Greek or English can even use them as flash cards for learning.

The cards come packed in a simple muslin bag, tucked in a box to keep them safe for travel.

Haven't played Pairs before? It's a simple memory game, that you can play by yourself or with others. Shuffle and lay all the cards design-side down on a table, and taking turns, flip over a card to see the design underneath. Flip a second card to see if it is the same design. If it is, you get to go again, if not, turn the cards over again, and it's the next persons turn.