Pod Fabric


I'm discontinuing all my fabric, and so I've reduced the price on all the pieces I still have remaining in stock. Each listing shows what sizes are available, and the price for each size.

100% cotton fabric, professionally printed with my narwhal pod design in lichen blue-green on a white background.

The fabric comes in either a small piece: 51x41cm
Or half yard: 45x106cm (18x42")

To get an idea of the print size, the larger whales measure around 11cm long (4.5") and the smaller whales around 7cm (3")

The fabric is digitally printed. It is quilting weight, just over 4 ounces per yard (125 grams) and is perfect for quilting and sewing projects. Machine wash warm or cool using phosphate-free detergent on gentle cycle.

a note on shipping prices: due to the many different sizes and weights of my items, it's very hard to give you an accurate shipping cost if you are ordering 2 or more items. If the actual shipping fee costs less than what you have paid through checkout, by more than 2€, I will refund the difference once the item is posted. Alternately, you can email me with what you would like to order and I can give you a more accuate price for the shipping before you order.
Greek customers: I can now use BoxNow for most small and medium sized orders which will cost approximately 1-3€. Contact me for details.